nmotion offers indoor cycling classes, strength training, stretching, and nutrition intertwined with spiritual thoughts and scripture along with contemporary worship music. Our classes are designed to help you connect with God in a physical way. It’s an uplifting experience like no other.

nmotion is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to serve women who are serving others in our community. If you have a pair of XX chromosomes, you are serving. It’s how you are wired up! We believe that when you are unhealthy physically that can lead to being unhealthy spiritually and emotionally. Your relationships can start to suffer. A healthier you makes a better wife, mom, friend, coworker to be hands and feet for God!

You’ll love our instructors. They voluntarily share their wealth of knowledge and passion for health and God with you so you can live the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted.

How much to join nmotion? We are 100% donation based. We suggest a $10 donation but we accept whatever your purse and heart allows you to give.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spiritual wellness center. Click below to find the next available class.



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RIDE is a high-energy indoor cycling class that takes the focus off pushing past your limit and puts it on increasing your sensitivity to the presence of God in your life. You will ride to the soundtrack of inspiring Christian worship music while reflecting on a particular verse or part of biblical scripture provided to you through your instructor.


LIFT is a strength training class that focuses on building healthy bones and strong muscles to empower your body to do God’s work. We provide weights as our instructors guide you through a vigorous routine that helps to firm and build muscle strength. We focus on inner strength, we leave the guns and 6-pack abs at the gyms!


FLOW classes use scripture, physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation to draw you nearer to God. The postures are simply a vehicle to improve flexibility and balance and increase strength. The breath calms the nervous system and overworked mind. Together, FLOW prepares your body to enjoy a prayerful time in His presence.


TRINITY is a class that combines RIDE, LIFT and FLOW into one full-body workout. For you multi-tasking women, get your cardio, strength and stretch AND your time with God at the same time!! This powerful class will have you sweating and shouting hallelujah. You’ll definitely end this class with an amen.


FUEL is a class that promotes the benefits of eating a plant-based, living foods diet. This class includes guest speakers, movies, education and food-demos. We also offer a variety of workshops throughout the year that include Made to Crave, Weigh Less to Feed More and the Hallelujah Diet.


SMOOTHIE BAR is open approximately 15 minutes before and 30 minutes after each class. Our delicious smoothie selection includes raw, vegan, organic and gluten-free smoothies, along with health food and super foods. Our goal is to teach you how to make these healthy smoothies at home for yourself.


GROW classes are simply small group gatherings to study or discuss a book, THE BOOK (The bible, of course!) or any other book appropriate for improving our health and deepening our faith while building friendships along the way! We believe that GROWth is the evidence of life!


SOAK is not so much of a class as it is an opportunity to enter in to a quiet time of reflection, prayer, praise and journaling. A time to “Be Still and Know.” The best investment you will make in your day, we promise you that! Leave refreshed, restored and renewed.



All classes are donation based. We suggest $10 per class. All the same, we accept whatever your purse and heart allows you to give!

Jesus taught that we all have something to give and that sacrifice gives value. God doesn’t need our contributions. Large or small, we give to worship and honor God.


Nancy Drake - TRINITY & FLOW Instructor

She was a fitness junkie…focused only on the exterior when it came to food and fitness. Along came a work schedule, children, and stress. She like almost every woman, set her health aside to attend to the demands of life. Pounds and decades later, she was unhealthy, unhappy, tired and unable to get herself on track on her own. That’s when God showed up. He taught her to stop focusing on what you LOOK like. Instead focus on what God can do THROUGH you, . When you do this, when you are motivated for a higher purpose, exercise becomes a joy. Nancy is married to her amazing husband Rogers and has a beautiful blended family of five children, Creed her golden retriever and her cat, Kitty.

Vivian Fairbairn - TRINITY Instructor

Vivian is an original “Spiritual Spinner” and attended Nancy’s classes when she first held them at the I’On Club. Vivian’s passion for service helped nmotion from its inception from spreading the word to vacuuming floors. Vivian strives to create a safe environment at nmotion studio for women to draw closer to God and be transformed by His love. She is married to Mike and has two teenage children.

Debbie Johnson - TRINITY Instructor

Debbie is a retired chiropractor and uses her knowledge of body mechanics to design and instruct her classes. Debbie loves using worship music and weaving in scripture and prayer to challenge her students to work physically, emotionally, and spiritually – leading them into a deeper understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit. She is happily married to her husband Ken for nearly 30 years, has two married daughters and two precious grandsons.

Trisha Newitt - TRINITY Instructor

Trisha believes in the power of God’s presence and feels it fiercely during class. She encourages participants to visualize God’s power, love, grace, and strength as they exercise. Trisha also focuses on revealing each woman’s identity as a daughter of the Lord. Laughter and her sense of humor is her tool that she uses to get your core strong. She is married to Scott and has two sons and one daughter.

Kimberly Mann - TRINITY Instructor

Kimberly believes that her faith has deepened since teaching at nmotion studio. She feels empowered to share her faith with others as she leads them into worship and exercise on the bike. Her classes are often high energy and provide an intense and essential workout for every participant. She is married to a wonderful husband who is her greatest supporter and has two children.

Beth Jaskiewicz - TRINITY & FLOW Instructor

Beth was a self-described “couch potato, least likely to do anything physical,” until running her first mile at age 40. God used those early steps to foster in her a love of movement, and she discovered a deeper relationship with the Lord as she ran a little farther each day, praying and listening to Him in the process. God cultivated in her a thirst for worship through movement – with running, Spinning, and Holy Yoga. Each discipline offers both movement and stillness, and helps her intentionally apply her life verse, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength… Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:30-31)
In her work life, Beth is Senior Vice President of Marketing for South Carolina Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Charleston. She is blissfully married, the proud mama of three grown and amazing sons, Grammy to the most fabulous three biological grandkids on the planet, and blessed to be stepmom to three more grown sons, seven grandkids, and a great-grandson.
Beth is a certified Spinning® and Master Holy Yoga Instructor (M-HYI).

Jennifer Vail - TRINITY Instructor

After doing a book study, Experiencing God, at nmotion, she felt she needed to jump in and help where she saw God at work. Now, she sees God at work every time she’s at nmotion. She felt called to be a part of His plan here. Jennifer lives in Mt. Pleasant and is married with two middle school aged daughters and two dog.

Elisa Planty - TRINITY Class Instructor
Darlene Cary - Volunteer

Darlene used to have a strong distaste for exercise before coming to nmotion. Now, it has become a primary way of worshipping the Lord and serving others. In addition to being a volunteer instructor, Darlene also assists behind the scenes with daily duties, social media, and prayer. She is happily married to her husband Scott and has two teenage sons.

Lauren Ross - TRINITY Instructor

Lauren has been an instructor at nmotion Studio for about a year. She is a recent graduate from the College of Charleston with a degree in Elementary Education, and currently nannies for little ones full time. nmotion has changed her mind, body, and spirit to better serve the Lord, and she hopes it will work for you too!


Sheena attended class at nmotion and knew immediately that this was something she needed to pursue. Being apart of nmotion makes her feel WHOLE. She knows she is a work in progress but every day she is on her way to becoming a healthier, happier, and stronger woman after God. She is currently attending school to become a teacher of Special Education.

Natalie Harden – TRINITY Instructor

Natalie is originally from Greenville and moved to Charleston in 2001. She teaches third grade at Sullivan’ Island Elementary. Her husband and family live in Mt Pleasant. As a group fitness instructor for 15 years, she was drawn to nmotion by the TRINITY class. The combination of exercise , meditation, and spiritual renewal was exactly what she was looking for. As an nmotion instructor she hopes to share her love for The Lord and give women an opportunity to get healthy as well as time for themselves to relax and heal.

Mari Fisher - TRINITY Instructor and Administrative Assistant

Mari is the glue that keeps us together at the studio! She is a bright light of love and welcoming encouragement. She joined us in an administrative capacity but quickly took to teaching TRINITY Classes. You’ll know why when you see her! She loves sharing time with other women during her classes and watching them seek a deeper relationship with God. Mari delights in the physical and spiritual transformation that women go through at nmotion. She is married to Bryan and has three children.

Sara Jenkins - TRINITY Girl Instructor


RIDE takes the focus off pushing past your limit and puts it on increasing your sensitivity to the presence of God in your life. You will ride to the soundtrack of passionate Christian worship music while contemplating a particular verse or part of biblical scripture provided to you through your instructor. RIDE is not just about meeting a particular heart rate or exceeding a certain pace. It’s about you connecting with Jesus through the act of taking care of your body because you love Him and you love yourself, too.


No. We recognize the need for resistance training. Most weigh lifting classes focus on the external appearance of building a muscular exterior. We focus on inner strength and core strength. If your goal is to have the perfect body, well, we know of only one perfect person who walked the earth, and he didn’t give a darn about his guns and abs. Our strength training focuses on healthy bones and muscle that support the body to do God’s work!


We operate as a non-profit organization so we can apply all proceeds toward the expansion of the goals of our ministry. We plan to provide health and wellness through connection with Christ to women of all ages. The studio is reliant upon volunteers. The leaders and instructors do not receive compensation. They each give generously of their time, treasure and talent to further the mission.


nmotion makes wellness discipleship available to everyone. An individual should not feel excluded from fitness because of a price tag. No matter what your financial situation, we will make it possible for you to experience the benefits of our facility in order to become healthy and whole.

What is FLOW?

It is simply stretching our bodies in various postures designed to increase flexibility, balance and strength. FLOW uses breathing techniques and meditation to facilitate an opportunity to get healthy, to make space, for communion with God, the Father and the teachings of His son, Jesus Christ.
“For in him we live, and move, and have our being;” ~ Acts 17:28


We have simplified the RIDE/LIFT/FLOW classes into one whole-body, 75-minute workout that we call the Trinity Class. Each class ends with 5 minutes on the mat for treasured time of meditation, reflection and receiving of God’s love.


God connects to us by way of spirit, but He also requires of us to connect with the natural/tangible world. We can limit the power of God or tie His hands when we are not balanced in our own bodies. God commanded our bodies to be presentable, holy and fit for service. We can believe that spiritual strength and physical strength are carbon copies of each other. But we recognize one feeds the other. Nothing can exist but that which is created in the spiritual. Then the physical must be capable of supporting what the spirit of God pours in.


In order for us to meet the needs of many instead of only those who can afford it. We depend solely on contributions from like-minded donors. nmotion exists to provide a place where women can come and be good stewards of their bodies while exploring their relationship with Jesus Christ. We do not operate like other gyms or fitness facilities. Instead nmotion is a ministry that has turned overall control to the One who called us to serve in this capacity. We rely on His provisions and we will not exclude those that cannot pay. To God be the glory!


Our facility provides a Christ-honoring environment where you can care for your body without feeling judged or in competition with others. We focus on the quality of health of the entire body: emotion, spiritual, physical and mental. In a gym, it is easy to become distracted by what other people are doing and what you are not able to do. Sometimes you can also be distracted by your ability to do things better than others. nmotion intentionally creates an atmosphere where the primary focus is Jesus Christ and your relationship with him through your holistic health.


Make sure to bring water and a towel to every class. We encourage you to wear firm soled tennis shoes for the cycling classes. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before class starts. Mats will be provided for the TRINITY and FLOW classes.


A ministry is comprised of a body of people who seek the meet a particular need in a community. Jesus provided the pattern for Christian ministry. He came, not to receive service, but to give it. The women who shepherd nmotion provide a Christ-centered environment for health and wellness. It is our responsibility to show you why health and wellness is an essential component in our Christian faith.

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